Engraved brass  signs with wood backing

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Engraved Brass with Iroko Backing

Product Code MW6 35.5 x 20cm



Text Box: To Order - Call  
051 427482
Text Box: To Order - Call  
051 427482

Contact Us: Linwood BGP, Listerlin, Tullogher, County Kilkenny, IRELAND.

Phone:  051  427482. . International Tel. +353 51 427482. 

E-mail: info@postboxes.ie









Text Box: Engraved Brass Signs

Product Code: MW7 20 x 14cm

Engraved Brass with Oak Backing

Product Code: MW8 30.5 x 10cm

Text Box: To Order - Call  
051 427482

Price:€181.50 incl VAT and Delivery in Ireland

Price:€117.95 incl VAT and Delivery in Ireland

Price:€111.80 incl VAT and Delivery in Ireland

Simple Brass plaques available in a range of sizes

These commemorative or other purpose plaques are available in engraved brass in an extensive range of sizes from 5 x 5cm at €37.65 up to 30 x 30cm at €117.95.


Add any message, name or business information to any size sign and it will be CNC engraved  into the sign.


Brass signs will have engraved lettering with black hand painted infill.


Each sign can have a self adhesive backing or screw hole fixings at your request.


Please check with us to see if the lettering you require can be accommodated on a suitable size plaque.

Text Box:   
Tel.  051 427482
E-mail: info@postboxes.ie


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